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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Little House on the Prairie meets James Herbert

Well this should sort the wheat from the chaff.Just going to chat a while so feel free to listen or not as you please, I'm kind of used to it....
Shall we go for the Rats first? You sure? Ok, so since there have been loads of hydro renovations around the manor in the last few months, the rodents have got a bit fed up of men digging trenches all over the place  so they decided to club together and move in the stable feed room big time.

Cleverly the humans have all the animal feed stored in metal dustbins so that said Rats and mice can't get to it. Not so cleverly someone, a long while ago,left a sack of chicken food in a secret cupboard in the feed room.Well when I say secret I mean I just didnt know the cupboard was there, it wasn't like a revolving door or anything. Our bedroom is above the feed room as we are in the old hayloft.
We knew there was a problem when we heard scurrying around in our loft so Ashley manfully went into the loft and set traps and bait. Scurrying continues and now turns into creatures running up the interior pipe work from the feed room in the wall cavities, and then into the roof space.
Secret cupboard is still secret.Sleep is being lost and tempers fraying.
The Rats are now having wonderful nights play and are completely ignoring bait and traps and enjoying making furry tunnels through the new loft insulation.One of the lovely workmen (no really he is) mentioned a disgusting cupboard full of rat poo but I wasnt really listening, in that missing the critical clue kind of way that you kick yourself for later.
I decide to clean out the feed room in a self righteous grump as it doesnt seem to be my job but they are my Rats.Ah yes there is the secret cupboard...Bloody hell that is a  good sackful of chicken/rat food and a whole lot of incredibly smelly stuff that needs clearing out by me.Quick check to see that there isn't a more suitable person for the job. No, thought not.Needs doing right then and there...grrrrrr. I even said the f word which Daisy gleefully told Grandma later.
We had by this time also called out the rat killer man in desperation.Although having discovered the secret cupboard it was all pretty obvious now, you give them a sack of food or a tray of green bait and chances are they will go for the sack of food.
That night the Rats are probably somewhat annoyed that their free meals have gone and the next day even more annoyed by the rat man leaving tons of bait in their furry tunnels. Anyway instantly we have no rats anymore just a really awful smell every now and then.Rather naively I assumed all the rats would be nicely tidied up ( from the wall cavities -duh) but instead the lovely lady on the phone said the smell will probably just be a few weeks, depending on conditions.So please don't drop in for a cup of tea for a while. Ah life in the country.
On a less smelly note, our family of three humans + dog went for a walk around the land after dinner tonight, a rare treat on a school night when the descent from getting home from school, cooking, eating, bathing, teeth, story, sleep seems to be, well, sometimes just a right pain.It was so good to be in the last rays of sun, looking at the leaves turning red and yellow, checking out the sleepy wasps that stung Daddy yesterday, giving Dylan the pony a good nose rub, and picking cooking apples with a ripe satisfying click.As I struggled to put our pet Rabbits away, (they kept taking it in turns to get back out of the carrier), I could hear Daisy's chatter to Ashley rolling down the field.She is happy,in wellies and little red riding hood coat, climbing through the coppice by her and Daddy's special way. I love it.