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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Brilliant Blue

Ah, sleepy Sunday by the river.The sun was out and us adults basked in the gentle autumn sun watching the guinness coloured river in strong flow. The pesky pixie girls played getting each other wet in the cold rill, pixie number 1 seemed to be doing more of the water fighting while pixie 2 said she was doing it for charity!
We were so lucky to see a pair of kingfishers flashing their brilliant blue down the river. I have never seen any on this river and couldn't stop myself yelling "Kingfishers!" It was such a treat.Then later as we still sat by the river,( I said it was a lazy sunday) I suddenly saw a little baby mouse hopping along the grass on the river bank.The children came to look, and it was sooo cute.We think it was a wood mouse, it had long legs (for a mouse obviously) and big dark eyes and round ears.
It scurried away from the children and headed for the bank, and disappeared with a plop. Children ran back to their game while two mums watched out , just incase it had gone unknowingly into the river, judging how high the river was above our wellies. No mouse in the river, so presumed safe in the bank.Big dark eyes in a small creature had an instant protective draw.
I've had two days lazing about in the natural world this weekend,woods and riverbank and love how just being still in one place opens you up to watching all the little changes that you miss when visiting or passing through.Time slows and magic increases.