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Monday, 12 September 2011

Plunging headlong into the babbling brook

Obviously I have a need to chat.....I also love showing people things I have seen, so finally after much avoidance and fear of a blank page I am entering the world of blogging/blagging.

Wondering and wandering around for a new profile pic I came across a toy monkey, a relic of a neighbour's needy dog. Its been sitting on a fuel tank for a while and when I looked today I realised it was blind, probably a crow giving the glass beads a bit of a try for lunch.It seemed a fitting start.....Please talk amongst yourselves while I play around for a while to see what I can do.


  1. Don't exactly know what all this means, but we like the pictures. Perhaps we'll understand more when we grow up.

    Love peter and Ann

  2. Pics look great. You're way ahead of me on this blogging thing. What's the Plus 1 button for. Catch up soon. Lots of love x

  3. Anita ,not really sure it says its to tell everyone my real google identity,seem to have so many identitys and passwords that I just try them all.A bit like having a bunch of keys and not knowing which is your door key but hey ho! Speak soon and thanks! xx R