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Saturday, 5 November 2011

End of the day play.

I am writing quietly, so as not to disturb the play going on at my feet. After a day being out and about, going from swimming lesson to walking with friends, it is dark now and we are all doing our thing by the fire.The dog is asleep after a good walk, Ashley is reading, I have been playing with photos and am writing this blog. Daisy is happy playing on the floor, talking to her Sindy doll and a lizard .She has given the Sindy doll purple goo mittens, scarf and socks, 
( imagine purple chewing gum that peels off if you haven't experienced goo stuff ). The lizard is modelling an all in one hoody design. See....when she says "Will you play with me mummy?", my head doesn't quite go to the same place.Nice designs though.

 I have to write quietly as if I breathe too loudly Daisy will awake 
from her reverie and this space will quickly disappear.

  So what's been happening here? 

A lot of water has been falling from the sky, quickly followed by a swollen River.The River is cloudy with silt. It clears to a rich Guinness, coloured by the moorland peat, stirred up in the rush from moor to sea. It is hard to capture the forceful rush of the water, the air hums with its energy and the cool vapour is instantly ital. Watching the strength of flow beneath you as you cross the bridge is pretty humbling.

All of a sudden water is obviously in charge. I have always loved this idea....

“Human beings were invented by water as a device for transporting itself from one place to another.” 
 Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction

My space is narrowing, play with purple goo has changed to looking at Tourist attraction leaflets, (an essential raid earlier by the children on the way to the cafe toilet). A vague mention of when dinner is, means five minutes max before the energy shifts. Ashley has asked Daisy to get the nail clippers for him. Daisy asks me to get the nail clippers as, I quote,"We don't know where they are".No one gets the nail clippers and they get distracted by watching a song on Ashley's phone.The owls hoot to the sound of,"Your thigh bone is connected to your hip bone". Ashley and I argue over whether another weird cry is a goose or a vixen or deer.I don't believe a goose would cry at night. 
Phew .... the Jenga game is out, Ashley fearlessly goes into playing a game with rules, with a headstrong, only child. My space increases.

Anyway back to the water.We are surrounded by the dripping trees in the woodland and raindrops drops on bright red Acers. Such delicate beauty next to awesome might.

With the River in full spate our bath water changes colour.Now our cooking and light is directly from the energy of the water (with the aid of some high tec kit). In a few weeks our heat will also be from the hydro and then the water will be all encompassing.Awesome.

Jenga down, I'm gone.x


  1. Thanks for the lovely slice of life! Fascinated to see that quote by Tim Robbins; I've never really seen myself as just a carrier of water before, although I suppose I should have done, having read Dune a long time ago. We have masses of water here too, bucketing down relentlessly. It's always a bit strange to see something that looks so harmless turn into a threatening force; our flash flood warnings have been on red alert for last 3 days. As 15 people were killed in the floods last year the region decided better safe than sorry and are trying to make sure people are kept aware of the situation. Apparently we had more rain yesterday than Paris got in 6 months. Everyone agrees it's the only time in the year we get any rain and we really need it to fill up our reservoirs, but they say it in just the same way the English always say the gardens need it, through gritted teeth.

  2. Thanks for your message Hita! I hope the flooding is receding or is it still raining? We have grey flat skies and still no real frosts, the potatoes in the cupboard are chitting and the daffodils are coming up.All is confused. I read yesterday that the greenhouse gasses have exceeded the worst case scenario that we were given 4 years ago.Crazy humans xx