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Monday, 12 November 2012



  1. Hi Rachel!

    How nice to have such a local blogger. I've just replied to you on mine but, in case you don't go back and look, I wanted to ask you about your knowledge of what I'll call 'the farmers up your road' who own Betty and Lizzy. I'm sure you know who I mean and I wondered if there was any chance, if you see them, you could ask them if it would be okay if I could contact them. You might even be able to see her from the road if they've got her down there! Just a thought....

    Anyway, love your blog and will add you to my list.

  2. Hello.....me again! If I could pop up after I've done the school library that would be great. I'm sure we're talking about the same people. I would be with you about 10.30 I would think? If that's okay, email me in case I don't look at the blog at emparko@gmail.com. Thank you! x